Twenty & Oak Special Offers



Exclusive Interactive Inventory Sell Sheets!

Close Sales in Real-Time!

Our 4 ACES Increase your Special Offer Sales

  1. Real-Time Price & Quantity

  2. All Items On-line

  3. You Book the Sale

  4. Zero Dealer Inventory Risk

Special Offers Solved!

Use your ACES and sit at the table with the big buy, special offer dealers without any in-stock inventory.

Market and sell Special Offers with confidence. With the T&O Special Offers system, our Members have all the product, quantity, and pricing knowledge at their fingertips to make the Special Offer sale.

WM Bird’s Whale of a Sale “Interactive” is built for Members to thrive.

Say goodbye to:

  • Fumbling through supplier discount list, after list.

  • Looking up price and quantity one item at a time trying to find something that will work.

  • Not knowing what the product looks like because it’s no longer running line.

  • Not being able to easily get a sample to show your customer!

Whale of a Sale Interactive saves our Twenty & Oak Dealers time and gets them a jump on making more money!

With an efficient presentation, selling, and ordering process Twenty & Oak and WM Bird have made something that has been process clunky, super clean.

How to Participate?

3. Call Customer Service and Place your Orders

Side Mark/ T&O Specials

All New Membership Exclusive

Special Offers Introduction

Special Offers Demo

How To

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Membership has its Value!

Twenty & Oak’s Select Annual Membership offers you

Everday-Useful, Digital Tools.

Let’s Grow Together!